Real Estate – Loss Mitigation and Investing

RCI has extensive experience in Real Estate Investing with special focus in Loss Mitigation strategies as they relate to both commercial and residential real estate transactions. RCI specializes in helping sellers of negative-equity properties (residential and commercial) find the right solutions. Transaction engineering is becoming critical in today’s market place. Experienced with finding special financing for distressed sellers or distressed properties. Many property owners are facing critical situations and must find solutions fast. Our consulting service can help you with all the following;

  • Acquisitions
  • Financing
  • Private Invest
  • Sales of Distressed Properties
  • Solutions for Negative-Equity (“upside down”) properties
  • Creative Seller, Buyer, and Investor Solutions
  • Investor Coaching, Training and Consulting
  • Bulk REOs
  • Performing Commercial Notes
  • Non-Performing Commercial notes
  • Business consulting – Increase cash flow, decrease costs, increase value of your commercial properties.
  • more…