Sourcing/Acquisition Services Division

RCI offers three areas of consultancy within our Sourcing/Acquisition services division.

  1. Source Planning: The Sourcing Plan is the result of all planning efforts on strategic sourcing. Into this planning all sourcing events are organized and detailed with all tactical and operational information such as, the sourcing team responsible for each event, when it is supposed to begin and end each procurement step: the requirements, specifications of all services and/or products and negotiations/cost goals. The objective of a Sourcing Plan is to manage time and quality of the all sourcing events in the Strategic Sourcing program.
  2. Source Optimization: Source research is the discipline of applying advanced techniques to help make better decisions. Optimization, in turn, utilizes special tools and talents to rapidly solve a business problem by evaluating all possible outcomes (or many outcomes) and selecting those that yield the best solution. RCI accomplishes Source Optimization through the application of common sense, technical knowledge, sophisticated tools and experts. When applied to sourcing and supply chain operations, optimization helps our customers evaluate different procurement options. This evaluation can take into consideration many variables such as: the global, regional or local market, specific current supply chain conditions, and individual supplier conditions, and offers alternatives to address the buyer’s sourcing goals.
  3. Cooperative Sourcing: Cooperative Sourcing is a collaboration or negotiation with different companies, organizations and/or individuals, which have similar business processes. RCI leverages its worldwide relationships to sourcing success.

  • Crude Oil Sourcing
  • Refined Product Sourcing
  • Transactional Funding
  • and more. . .